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Mizon Pore Fresh Clear Nose Pack


Non-irritating cleansing patch for nose and chin with Moroccan clay 1pc

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Brand Mizon
Category Mizon

Non-irritating cleansing patch with natural ingredients - cleanses and tightens pores, removes black and white dots from the skin and creates a compress effect! Its ergonomic shape and 9.1 cm size ensure perfect adhesion without tension. The main ingredients are natural Moroccan clay, white clay and an extract of houttuynia cordata (heart seal), widely used in Asian medicine. The patch immediately gets rid of black and white dots, dead skin cells and leaves your skin amazingly soft. Cactus and aloe blossom extract soothes the skin.

Dermatologically tested, also suitable for sensitive skin.


Removes black and white dots, dead skin cells and sebum

perfectly cleanses the skin and has detoxifying effects

soothes irritation and relieves redness

improves the overall structure of the skin

keeps the skin naturally firm and supple

supplies the skin with a number of minerals

ideal especially for oily or sensitive skin

Main composition:

Moroccan ghassoul - Moroccan clay has exceptional quality and a high content of minerals, which it also supplies to the skin. Clay is suitable for all skin types, but thanks to its ability to absorb sebum, cleanse and detoxify, it is especially suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. In the case of sensitive skin, it can soothe and bring relief from irritation.

White clay - deep clay cleanses and disinfects pores, cleanses the skin and sebaceous glands, absorbs sebum from the skin surface

Houttuynia cordata - Heart Seal is a well-known Asian medicine widely used, it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant effects. It is extremely rich in bioactive substances such as flavonoids, indoles, organic acids, sterols, triterpenoids and volatile oils. It supports the natural immune mechanisms and defense against pathogenic microorganisms and toxins

Cactus flower extract - moisturizes and prevents the skin from drying out

Aloe Vera - helps soothe irritated skin

Suitable for:

All skin types including sensitive

Instructions for use:

Wash your face thoroughly and soak in plenty of water. Remove the clear foil from the patch and stick it on your nose with the same side. The patch adheres firmly to the nose (moisten if necessary). Leave the patch on your nose for about 15 minutes. until completely dry. Carefully remove the patch - all dirt will stick to the patch.

Tip: for a greater effect, use a warm towel or water before application to better open the pores.

It is recommended to use 1-2 times a week. The patch is disposable, do not use it repeatedly. Do not use on damaged and inflamed skin and with increased sensitivity to the patch. Once opened, use within 24 hours, store in a dry place, away from elevated and low temperatures. The recommended order of care is to first cleanse the skin with Pore fresh mild acid cleansing gel

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